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How to Get into Pharmaceutical Sales Fast Even if You Have No Experience

If you are looking for how to get into pharmaceutical sales fast, even if you have no experience, you are in the right place.

I have many years of experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative and during these years there was a constant concern brought to me: How can I become a drug rep ?.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Requirements

There is a lot of consusion about the requirement to become a pharmaceutical sales rep.

The first one is that applicant are required to complete any certification or licesing to become a drug rep

The answer is: NO.

There isn't any certification necessary to become a pharmaceutical sales rep , but to possess a bachelor’s degree is a-must!.

It doesn't really matters  the topic or field of study of your degree. I have seen peers of mine carrying college diplomas of practically any field of study.Although with no degree pharmaceutical companies aren't going to interview you.

There are a few drug companies that require at least a GPA OF 3.0 or above from the applicants to be taken into account for the position, Pfizer being, among them. But in reallity, the majority of the companies don't pay attention to that. The vast majority ofof the pharmaceutical companies will probably ignore a low GPA.

What is extremely important whenever you want to enter into pharmaceutical sales is to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be dishonest about your college degree or GPA.

When you receive an offer from any pharma company, that offer will be conditioned to the clearance of the background check, which usually will include to get in touch with your college and verify your degree and the GPA.

The terms of the job offer normally express that when the company is unable to confirm your education, the job offer will lose effect. Indeed I witnessed how one representative was sent back home during the initial training because of this.

Disqualifying Factors to Get Into Pharma Sales

There are some other factors that could debar you from being a pharma sales representative.

Some of these criteria factors are:
  • To currently have a criminal track record.
  • Having a terrible credit history.
The principal rationale for this is due to the fact you will get a corporate credit card, so your credit record should be in a decent shape, otherwise they won't be able to get a corporate credit card for you.

In addition, many hiring managers consider that possessing a lousy credit record means that the candidate has a careless behavior, therefore they often rule out people like that.

Last but not least to have a negative driving record such as a DUI in your history or numerous points in your driver’s license may also debar you from getting the position.

To get a job in this field you will have take a drug test.

The majority of companies will conduct an urine drug test prior to getting hired, nevertheless you can find several pharmaceutical companies which will go beyond that.

For example, the moment I ended up being hired by B&L I had to go through a hair drug test.

In this particular assessment hair is collected out of your body hence they can easily locate narcotic misuse as long as 7 months prior to the test.

For that reason, make certain you maintain your body clean of illegal substances if you expect to enter into this field.

Random drug tests are also very common when you work as a pharma sales rep.

On one occasion I was chosen randomly twice in the month to undertake a narcotic examination while I was working for Pfizer.

The Benefits of Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Once you know you can satisfy this requirements, the real deal starts.

If you have a college degree and no disqualifying factor, you are goog to go, but in most circumstances you might be competing several hundreds applicants for every position in pharma.

But do not worry, there are tactics to put yourself ahead of the others.

However, those techniques aren't going to be public information due to the fact pharma sales is kind of a closed group.

If you are inside the group, you may move easily from one company to another. That's why you are going to need tactics that will get your phone ringing and putting you before the recruiting manager to receive the offer.

However without knowing the insights the game can be quite challenging and frustarting and very diffrent than getting a job in other industries.

For this reason I decided to produce something that could clarify the process, the strategies and the secrets to secure a position as a rep.

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After being hired by half a dozen different pharmaceutical companies I have got the knowledge and a strong understanding to coach you through the steps.

I personally started in a completely unrelated field.

I was initially employed in the aviation industry, specifically the security division of a top arline and I was able to break into pharma.

If I could make it, you can make it too !

You MUST  know what you are doing if you want to become a drur rep, if not, it will be like trying to perform an open heart surgery without the required expertise.

Catastrophe is the only probable outcome.

In my career I was affected by widespread layoffs and 2 the organizations I worked for went bankrupt.
Some of those situations happened during the economic collapse of 2009. That was the time when the pharmaceutical industry took a horribe hit.

I noticed how some of my colleagues were jobless for a couple of years, yet I was able to obtain a job quickly, because those hard scenarios I faced bafore, prepared me to understand and develop the vital skills necesary to get a job in this industry before my competitors.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Salary

One of the reasons why so many people wants to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep is the salary.

In every country, drug reps make an income that is considerably higher than the rest of the popultion.

However, there are several factors  that will determine how much money you can make as a pharmaceutical or medica sales rep.

To have a good understanding of them will help you to use them to your advantage to maximize your potential income.

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Pharma sector hiring expected to see 20% growth in 2016

Pharmaceutical and healthcare sector is likely to witness an over 20% growth in hiring this year and expected to generate around 1,34,000 jobs this year, says a report. The pharma and healthcare sector is looking at an "increase of over 20% in the hiring numbers compared to 2015.

India Skills Report 2016, a joint initiative of PeopleStrong, Wheebox in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry, LinkedIn and Association of Indian University (AIU). The survey was done among 150 employers and 5.2 lakh students in all sectors pan India during July to October 2015. 

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The sector is likely to create 1,34,000 number of jobs in this year", according to the India Skills Report 2016 said. Thus, hiring in India's pharmaceutical industry is picking up and set to firm up in the next quarter, the report added.

The pharma industry currently employs about 5.5-5.7 lakh people and has contributed significantly in creating a rich talent pool of researchers, scientists, doctors and project managers, the report said. This increase can be attributed to the initiatives by the government as good investment in the pharma, life science and healthcare sectors is showing a positive sign, it pointed out. Moreover, it said, Indian pharma industry is likely to be in the top 10 global markets in value terms by 2020

The maximum hiring in pharma and healthcare will be seen in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu with employers preferring to hire B Pharma and M Pharma, respectively, it pointed out. The 33.6% employers prefer to hire freshers and 32% will prefer 5 years of work experience candidates having skilled domain expertise in the age group of 22-25 years. 

Pharma Sector Hiring Expected to See 20% Growth in 2016: Report Warning Makes Things Safer With the incidence of extreme weather events on the rise, it is a sensible move to put in place systems that must be activated when such natural disaster events occur. These guidelines address the lapses and missteps that commonly occur, aggravating the suffering of those affected.

The government would do well to identify the most vulnerable areas, and focus on institutionalising practices that individual households can follow as a first response when natural disasters strike.

Monday, October 3, 2016

USDA: Biobased products industry has major impact on economy

On Oct. 3, the USDA released a new report showing that the biobased products industry contributed $393 billion and 4.2 million jobs to America’s economy in 2014. From 2013 to 2014, the sector created new 220,000 jobs and grew by $24 billion.
The new report, commissioned by the USDA BioPreferred Program, is the second Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry released by the USDA. It analyzes revenue and jobs created by the biobased products industry at the national and state level in 2014. The first report, released last year, analyzed 2013 data.

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"When USDA released the first-ever Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry last year, we were thrilled to see what a positive impact this sector was having on our economy, and this updated analysis shows that the sector is not just holding strong, but growing," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. "America has an appetite for everyday products-including plastic bottles, textiles, cleanings supplies and more-made from renewable sources, and that demand is fueling millions of jobs, bringing manufacturing back to our rural communities, and reducing our nation's carbon footprint. As this sector is strengthening, so is the economy in rural America, where this year the unemployment rate dropped below six percent for the first time since 2007. USDA is proud to see such strong returns on our investment into the biobased products industry."
The report explains that the BioPreferred Program, which was created by the 2002 Farm Bill and reauthorized and expanded by the 2014 Farm Bill, aims to transform the marketplace for biobased products, spurring economic development, creating jobs in rural America and providing new markets for farm commodities. The program includes a mandatory federal purchasing initiative and a voluntary labeling initiative. According to the USDA, the program currently has an online catalog of more than 15,000 products, with 2,700 of those products certified to carry the USDA Biobased Product label.
The seven major sectors featured in the report include agriculture and forestry, biorefining, biobased chemicals, enzymes, bioplastic bottles and packaging, forest products, and textiles. The energy, livestock, food, feed, and pharmaceutical industries are not included in the USDA’s definition of biobased products and are not included in the report.
According to the report, the biobased industry supported 1.528 million direct jobs in 2014. For each 1,000 direct jobs, an additional 1,760 jobs in other parts of the economy are supported. Overall, the 1.528 million direct jobs supported an additional 2.695 indirect and induced jobs, bringing the total employment contribution of the biobased products industry to 4.223 million jobs.
The direct value added impact of biobased products industry sales was $127 billion in 2014. This direct value generated another $266 billion in indirect and induced sales, bringing the total impact to $393 billion.

California had the most direct jobs supported by the biobased products industry in 2014, at 145,080. North Carolina was second with 90,040, followed by Texas at 88,680. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Alabama, and Florida rounded out the top 10 states. California was also the leader in direct value added, at $9.863 billion, followed by Georgia at $8.238 billion and Texas at $6.828 billion. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, and South Carolina were also among the top 10 states for direct value added.
In addition to an industry overview, the report also features case studies of NatureWorks, BASF, Eastman Chemical Co., DuPont, The Coca-Cola Co., Poet, Verdezyne, and Green Biologics. The report also features an overview of state policies, incentives, and statistics, along with a discussion of environmental benefits and a list of recommendations.
The report makes six specific recommendations aimed at driving growth of the biobased products industry. First, the report recommends that Congress continue to advance the industry for national security and domestic industrial strength. Second, it recommends congress enact a short-term production tax credit. Third, the report encourages Congress to direct the U.S. Department of Commerce to work with the USDA to develop NAICS Codes in support of the biobased products industry. Fourth, it recommends congress fund the USDA BioPreferred Program levels similar to its counterparts. Fifth, the report encourages Congress to ensure federal policies strengthen the biobased products industry. Finally, it recommends biobased product industry participants work together on the challenges facing their industry.
A full copy of the report can be downloaded from the USDA BioPreferred website.


Monday, September 26, 2016

UK pharma apprenticeships doubled in 2015

Stronger industry-academia ties revealed in new ABPI report

The number of apprenticeships offered by pharmaceutical companies doubled in the last two years, according to a new report.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) found collaboration in this area between pharma and academic institutions - along with charities and the NHS - is at an all time high.

As a consequence of this the trade body said there had been a 42% increase in undergraduate placements between December 2013 and December 2015.

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Over 550 PhD students are also being supported by pharma companies, with the University of Strathclyde holding the top spot in 2015 at 75 PhD students securing industry partnerships - almost double that of runner-up University College London, with 42 collaborative students.

Loughborough University currently has the highest number of overall undergraduate industry placements, while the University of Bath has the highest number of students on R&D pharma apprenticeships.

The ABPI’s report also highlights the shift towards long-term open partnerships in the pharma industry.

These see companies share expertise, resources and insights to boost the successful development of medicines and therapies, while also supplying new graduates with the experience they need for future employment.

Malcolm Skingle, chair of the ABPI Academic Liason Expert Network, said: “Collaborations are important for industry, institutions and individuals. By working together ideas and expertise are able to flow and result in an array of benefits for all those involved.

“For companies, partnerships could support more efficient and successful drug development, reduce risk associated with investing in innovative research, or provide greater access to talented graduates.

“For academics, partnerships can increase access to specialist data and equipment, increased job prospects, and a greater understanding of real-world and industrial challenges.”


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Astellas Farma Brasil Among Top 3 Workplaces in Brazilian Pharmaceutical Industry

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, Jun. 28 /CSRwire/ - Astellas Farma Brasil (AFB) has placed #3 among the best companies to work for in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, according to the Great Place to Work® Institute’s latest rankings. The results are based on a survey of hundreds of pharmaceutical industry employees across Brazil.

The Great Place to Work Institute is a global human resources consulting, research and training firm. Its Great Place to Work® model is based on 25 years of research and data collected through its Trust Index© employee survey, which is taken by over 10 million employees annually worldwide.
"This recognition marks the third time Astellas has been named a top pharma industry work place in Brazil,” said Luiz Claudio Dutra, general manager, Astellas Farma Brasil. “This is a significant achievement for our company, and further validation of our efforts to create a best-in-class environment for employees.”

how to get a job in pharmaceutical sales

In 2015, AFB was honored by the Great Place to Work Institute as the number one place to work in the pharmaceutical industry and one of the top 20 small- to medium-sized companies to work for across all industries. AFB has increased its workforce by more than 30 percent in Brazil this past year driven by a strong culture based on the “The Astellas Way” – a philosophy that emphasizes a commitment to patients, ownership, results, openness and integrity.

AFB also recognizes the importance of balance between personal and professional life, and offers a number of programs to enhance quality of life for employees, including flexible hours. Recently, AFB was named one of the top scoring healthcare companies in IMS Health’s Development Index, which recognizes ethical pharmaceutical and hospital organizations.

“At Astellas, we believe that our culture is our competitive advantage,” said Fatima Neri, director of Human Resources, AFB. “Our passion, sense of purpose and respect for each other inspires bold performance and helps us retain and recruit the best employees.”

About Astellas Farma Brasil
Astellas Farma Brasil, an affiliate of Astellas Pharma Inc located in Tokyo, Japan, is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. Astellas Farma Brasil focuses on Urology, Oncology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases as prioritized therapeutic areas. Astellas is on the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into value for patients. For more information on Astellas Farma Brasil, please visit:


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Top jobs that Indians prefer and why

We are considered a young nations as around 5 million-plus youngsters graduate from various educational institutions annually. Most of them start looking for jobs shortly before and immediately after graduation. While only 5 per cent of graduates come from the top schools. Take a quick check on the job choices made by the other 95 per cent.

The pharma industry
The role of medical representatives is preferred in the pharma industry. When we visit clinics or hospitals, we often find people holding huge bags with samples of medicines. They are called medical representatives and are hired by pharmaceutical companies to market their products.
According to Indian regulations, most medicines (called prescription drugs) cannot be bought by a patient without a doctor’s prescriptions from a chemist shop. Medical representatives thus act like a link between pharma companies and doctors so that the company’s drugs can be prescribed. They visit healthcare professionals on a one-to-one basis and give presentations to them. They also give samples of some medicines.

Learn how to become a pharmaceutical or medical sales rep

The insurance industry
In the insurance industry, development officers is a very common career option for graduates — insurance agents are not employees of the insurance company and require continuous supervision, encouragement, and support. The insurance company employee who manages a group of Agents is called a development officer (by LIC, India’s largest life insurance company), or unit manager or agency manager (by private insurance companies).
Administrative Officers (AO) are assigned to specific departments like marketing, underwriting, claims, legal, depending on the requirement. They verify the risk proposal and underwrite if need be. They delegate work to assistants within the team and oversee their performance.

Government jobs Right on the top of the list are the government jobs. As per a recent report by Digital Classifieds in India 2020, there is a 48 per cent rise from last year in the number of people seeking government jobs.

The civil service of the Central Government is organised into four groups, viz. Group `A’ (which includes all-India Service) Group `B’, Group `C’ and Group `D’. Such classification broadly corresponds to the rank, status and the degree of the level of responsibility attached to the posts.

Group `A’ posts carry higher administrative and executive responsibilities and include senior management positions in the ministries/departments and field organisations. The middle and junior levels of Group `A’ alongwith Group `B’ constitute middle management.
Group `C’ posts perform supervisory as well as operative tasks and render clerical assistances in ministries and field organisations. Group `D’ posts are meant for carrying out routine duties.
The first job in the government category is the State Service Commission (SSC) jobs. The second in the list is Public Sector Bank (PSU) Probationary Officer jobs. The third preference will be a job in the railways.
The private sector – IT Industry
In the private sector, the number one job preferred by graduates is in the IT industry. Today, the dream of every graduate is to get a job in the IT industry because of the excellent pay and global HR practices. India is the world’s largest sourcing destination for the IT industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the $124–130-billion market. The industry employs about a 10-million workforce.

READ: Tips on how to prepare for a job interview

Testing jobs are the most attractive career option for a B Sc graduates. A quality assurance testing engineer is responsible for effective testing of software systems to identify any issues and bugs that need to be rectified. Your work will involve mostly testing for functionality. ‘Functionality testing’ in the software industry, means testing the behaviour of a software feature under various situations (called ‘use cases’). You will need to help the programmer debug software by sharing your test results. It is a highly technical and important role.
If you are a BCA or someone with BSc Computer Science degree, there is also an interesting role in Remote Infrastructure Engineer. The remote infrastructure engineer/executive is responsible for efficient handling of all remote access systems of a particular company, as well as planning and designing remote access infrastructure. A good example is the bank ATM which is monitored remotely.